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Hank Dudley Racing 2009

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--- October 22, 2009 Thursday ---
We have sold our NorthStar engine and all of the related part to an A Sports Racer team in England.
I am putting together the plan for the new Engine. Looks like it will be a Brodix/Chevy 427 cu. in. These aluminum engines are base on the small block chevy with the cam rased 0.391" and the pan rails about 1/2" wider on each side. This allowes the 4" stroke crank to turn freely without useing a small lob cam or having to grind the pan rails. As there are so many parts available for this engine it will be a relief to just bolt it together and go racing.

--- October 10, 2009 Saturday ---
We rented a Mazda this weekend to get in one more race before the season ended, engine is still out of our car. Rental was from RP Performance 304-728-6749. Everything went well, I went out last of about 40 cars and finished last. Driving a car like this is a lot different than our car. The power is a lot less so you can't let off the throttle much. All in all it was a good experence. The other Mazda drivers are quite good and deserve a lot of respect.

Photos October 10, 2009 Saturday Summit Point  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts
Roz was a bit cold, it was a bit cold eary in the day. About  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts
Scott, Kevin, Bret, Rozlyn with blanket. About  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts
Roz and Me About  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts

--- March 11, 2009 Wednesday ---
We got home from VIR late Sunday evening, 8.5 hours, not too bad a drive.
Weekend went good, nice weather, the event went off smoothly. SCCA ran a good show as usual.
The car was good except for a starter problem that caused me to miss my qualifying session. I had to start last (11th.) in my race. After about a 1/2 lap I was 4th. With 1 lap to go I was 2nd and the engine computer started to have a problem. I was afraid I would not be able to finish another lap and pulled into the pit area, finished 4th overall. All-in-All even with the mechanical, electrical issues the weekend was good. The car is working much better than last year. With the improved mechanical grip (different front spring and shocks) and more wing angle (8 to 10 deg.), I have much more confidence the car will stick. My times improved over the weekend from about 2:14 to 2:04 in the race.

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- Photos from VIR March 7 and 8, 2009 - -
- About  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts
VIR March 6th Parked the car in the road trying to keep the tires clean. About  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts
Mary cleaning the tires. She insisted I take her photo Working.
- About  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts
Our group winner Victor and crew. About  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts
After race in the impound area.
- About  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts
Unidentified young lady, me and Sarah. About  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts
Greg from New Jersey
- About  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts
Greg's Dog "Reggie" About  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts
Rich with his FC #81 after race in impound area.
- About  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts
Bob and I killing time. We were pit neighbors About  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts
Bob's SRF, ran very good in his race.
- - -

--- Feburary 23, 2009 ---
Yep it's 2009 already, where did the winter go! VIR is in about two weeks March 6, 7, and 8.
We still have to put the NorthStar engine back in the old car and change the brakes.

Old Car: Not much changed for this year, except:
1) Service the engine, new rings, bearings and a touch-up on the valves.
2) New Wilwood cast iron brake rotors. We tried titanium rotors at the end of 08, didn't work, would not stop the car.
3) More new tires, Hoosier 25's, 35's.
4) Small changes on the body work.

G-Force Car: Long way to go with this one, hopefully later this year. We did:
1) Make new drive plates for the carbon rotors. The iron rotor drive plates use different bobbins.
2) Bought a second Aurora 4.0 L engine, still short some parts for it.
3) Found a second set of wheels on We have 2 sets blasted and painted now.

Photos February 22, 2009 About  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts
I added wings to the Hans. To keep the belts from sliding off. About  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts
We made drive plates for the G-Force car.
Started out as 14.5# block of 7075. Finished at 1.6#. About  Page, Blue Jeans, T Shirts
Old Car at VIR 2008 in line for a test session.
Dudley Lab 1999 G-Force/Panoz on our new alumimun table.
This is a big improvement over the plywood.
driven by Jaque Lazier
(research found that it placed 13th at the 2000 Indy 500)

Race Track List

Click the link below for their website.
Link to New Jersey Motorsports Park, NJ 08332 voice: 856-327-8000
Link to Summit Point Raceway, WV 25446 voice: 304-725-8444
VIRginia International Raceway , VA 245220 voice: 434-822-7700
Watkins Glen International, NY 14891 voice: 607-535-2486

Links to photos of the old car build up taken in 2006, 7, and 8
Link to Adapter Photo Adapter-1.jpg Fab from 12"x12"x3.5" 6061-T6 started out at 52 lbs. finished at 7.5 lbs
Link to Photo No. 1 Hewland-1.jpg
Link to Photo No. 3 Hewland-3.jpg

Link to asr7-12-07_6.jpg
Link to Engine Exaust Sys. Photo asr7-12-07_12.jpg

Link to Engine Install Photo asr08-02-07_14.jpg
Link to Engine Install Photo asr08-02-07_15.jpg
Link to Engine Install Photo asr08-02-07_16.jpg

Link to Side Pod Build Photo 11-28-06_1.jpg
Link to Sheer Metal work Photo asr-003.jpg
Link to Porsche 5052 Gear Box fitted to Engine Photo asr-001.jpg
Link to Build Up of Rear contron Arms and Exaust Photo asr-05-22-06_1.jpg
Link to Engine Case/Crank Photo ASR 15-6-07-01.jpg
Link to Engine Photo asr-07-06-07_1.jpg
Link to Engine Photo asr-07-06-07_2.jpg
Link to Grandaughter Helping Clean Valve Guides Photo asr-07-06-07_3.jpg

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